Bylaw bullies in the news

September 2, 2012 Off By admin

Over the last little while, I’ve been doing my best to let people know that municipal law enforcement can walk onto your private property without giving you notice, and without a warrant.

I think these sorts of no-notice, no-warrant power of entry provisions are an outrage. More people should be aware of it, and more people should be outraged by it.

Here’s a few links to my latest pieces about the topic:

1. Should bylaw officers have all that power? (Huffington Post)

2. Hey officer — get out of my backyard! (Huffington Post)

3. Fight property bylaw bullies (Ottawa Sun)

4. Toilet police unconstitutional (Ottawa Sun)

Writing about this topic got me the nod for the inaugural “Freedom Fighter of The Week” on Ezra Levant’s show “The Source” on the Sun News Network. You can watch that below: